Custom framing is a great option for those who want take part in the creative process of designing the perfect frame for their treasured artwork. This allows the flexibility to use a range of different timbers, moulding shapes and finishes. Katja is happy to guide you through this process using her expertise.


A service is available to those who have an existing frame which requires specialised finishing including; gilding, toning, gessoing & staining. Contact to discuss options.


Restoration can be performed on frames in any state of deterioration. This may involve a clean, re-gild/tone, a minor re-touch or a major reconstruction. In some cases water gilded frames have been over-painted many times and you may not be aware what lies underneath. Most can be carefully stripped back to their original finish. Restoration is an art that requires a great deal of respect for the authenticity of the frame and the traditional methods used in it's construction. Care is always taken not to "over-restore" frames but the level of transformation is up to you.


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